About me

Hey you,

nice that you're here.

My name is Broder and I design tattoos individually for you, with great attention to detail. The combination of pen and paper and what can be created from it has always fascinated me. Tattooing is just one thing for me: freedom. Even after school, I decided to study, which lays the foundation for it. As a graphic and communication designer, I learned how to use images to visualize my thoughts and tell stories. With the purchase of my first machine, my career path was clear to me. Everything I am flows into my work today. I am a passionate skateboarder, close to nature and a child of the north. Born near Kiel, living in Hamburg now and I am always looking for the sea, which runs like a red threat through my work. All these elements, the sounds of nature, the dynamics of skateboarding and my love for drawing, is like composing music in my job. All this means freedom for me. It would be a pleasure, if you let me tell your story on your skin.